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I love love LOVE Emaje Naturals! The foaming black soap is my favorite. It leaves my skin so smooth and fresh and it cleared up bumps and dark spots within a week of using this product! The brown sugar scrub and whipped shea butter is my go to scent, it’s honestly the perfect everyday smell❤️ very calm but intriguingly noticeable. I’ve received countless compliments while wearing it! Thanks Emaje Naturals.

Cartier Brown

I love the consistency.. Every time I order, I get the best quality products

Sandy Jiggetts

I like that the shea butter scent is there but not overpowering, it also makes my skin look amazing.

Zeta Harrell

Emaje Naturals gives me a glow like no other. 10/10 recommend!

preme hardy

I’ve only been using your foaming black soap for about a week and I can already see my dark marks improving ! My pores have also gotten smaller so I haven’t been getting pimples how I would have before using the product, so I definitely recommend. After using the foaming black soap I moisturize with your shea butter and my face ends up soooo soft. I really do feel like I’m otw to having clear skin so thank you so so much 💛

Xaviera Shipman

omg i love emaje naturals, i love how it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft

jaleel shuler

Emaje Naturals is probably the best care product to ever touch my body. It gives me a natural glow , that gets everybody attention. Everyone always ask me , what's your method for a clear clean face? I answer by recommending them Emaje Naturals products. The liquid black soap + the sugar combination is undefeated


I’ve tried every product & they are all my go-to’s when I need to moisturize my skin & hair. Not to mention i love getting to choose new scents every time, although creamsicle is my absolute favorite!

Dalayna Edmonds

Emaje Naturals Sugar Scrub paired with Emaje Naturals Shea butter is a 10/10 perfect combination. I love that there are a variety of scents to choose from, My favorite being lavender. The moisture and relaxation I get from using this product is indescribable. Thank you Emaje Naturals 🤩!!

Paje Law