About Us

Emaje Naturals is a brand that derived from love. I have very sensitive skin. My mother had tried many "hypoallergenic" products that never produced the lasting coverage promised or the nutrients that my skin required. Most products were either watered down or contained artificial ingredients that further irritated my skin.

My Mother and I had a conversation with my Grandmother (who I call Bucket of Love) and was reminded of her childhood struggles with skin care products. That was an "Aha moment” for us. She asked my Grandmother how she was able to soothe her skin. Bucket’s answer was classic "go back to the basics"! This was a impactful moment for me. At that very moment I created my first batch of Whipped Shea Butter.

I purposely use plant based ingredients in its purest form like Shea butter and Coconut Oil. My skin and hair are reaping the benefits.The moisturizing impact from my products will restore, repair and rejuvenate yours as well. Individually, all of the ingredients provide nourishment. When combined they encompass the superfood needed for our body's biggest organ.

For this very reason, Emaje Naturals was created.